Somalian scientists seek help from Pakistani researchers

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The Somalian scientists have urged support from Pakistani researcher of Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization (ISHU), University of Karachi. The axis of requested support was rehabilitation of saline and barren arteries of Somalia through the use of advanced technology in order to boost agriculture production and livestock. This emerged during International conference on Sustainable Development Goals on Biodiversity, Climate and Water held in Ethiopia. The conference was organized by UNESCO.

Prof Dr Bilquees Gull, Senior Researcher, ISHU represented Pakistan in the conference. She said on her return that said the UNESCO office in Addis Ababa had also invited ISHU to participate in the programs related to “Floating Mangrove” in the dry regions of Somalia for developing fodder crops on saline lands.

She added, “Such techniques which are successful in Pakistan can be replicated in African countries to ensure sustainable livestock farming that will increase the production of milk, meat and will account to stem the threat of famine”.

The recognition of Pakistani researchers at international level is manifested as the untiring efforts, vivid potential, passion, and proficiency of scientists and researchers have reaped viable outcomes in the form of substantial agriculture and livestock sector uplifting.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 27

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