Student Poster Competition 2016 in IEEE RAS

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The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS), MUET students branch chapter was established in MUET on 2014. Since then, the Chapter has organized several events for the benefit of students of MUET under the banner of IEEE. The IEEE RAS organized Student Poster Competition (SPoC16) on 20th April in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This was made possible due to the efforts of IEEE RAS student chapters team led by Advisor Dr. Jawaid Daudpoto and Chair, Owais Rasool.

As many as 14 posters were received, which were divided into two categories:

1. Post-Grad Posters: In all, seven posters were received under the postgraduate category. Although the competition was open to students from any postgraduate program. All the seven entries were from students of Mechatronic Engineering. Amongst those critically acclaimed posters were: Design and Development of experimental bed to characterize shape memory alloy actuators using experimental test bed (Mohammad Ali Soomro), agricultural data acquisition system for decision support (Awais Memon), EMG sensor for crime alarming purpose (Ali Akbar Shah), Improving the cycle of Nickel-Titanium based shape memory alloy (Atta Muhammad Nizamani) and Design and development of shape memory alloy actuated exoskeleton finger (Nirma Sheikh).

2. Under-Grad Posters: In this category seven posters were received. Six posters were from students of Mechanical Engineering and one from group of students from Electronic Engineering. The entries included: Ultrasonic blind helper stick (Owais Rasool), Design and importance of anti-lock braking system (Salman Shalwani), Rescue robot using grid based navigator system (Abu Bakkar) and Decentralized multi-robot task allocation (Fatima Zareen).

Dean Faculty of Engineering Abdul Hafeez Memon, inaugurated the competition. Dean FEECE, Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, visited the competition and praised the students for their hard work. Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department; Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan, and Advisor IEEE RAS MUET Student branch Chapter Dr. Jawaid Daudpoto, Prof. Dr. Rizwan Memon welcomed guests and thanked them for their valuable time. The posters were judged by the faculty members from Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Imtiaz Kalwar, Dr. Winod Kumar (Electronic Engineering), Dr. Ahsan Ursani (Chairman, Department of Biomedical Engineering). The results of the competition will be announced shortly and award distribution ceremony will be held after summer vacations.

Events like these are set to motivate and groom the upcoming breed of Engineers so that they can represent their work boldly.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 18

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