Swedish team, Anusha discuss IT&T sector progress

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STAFF REPORT ISB: A five-member delegation, headed by Ambassador of Sweden Tomas Rosander, has called on Minister of State for IT and Telecom Anusha Rahman here in Islamabad.

During the meeting, matters of mutual concern and elevation of consensual collaboration in the arena of IT and telecom were deliberated upon.

The minister acquainted the ambassador concerning key initiatives being taken by the Ministry of IT for pervasive sectoral progress.

Anusha also indicated that we have put down a telecommunication highway and are constantly working to broaden it all over the country. She apprised the delegation that there was a prodigious rise in the number of users after 3G/4G in the country and broadband perception which was below 3% has crossed 18% within no time.

The delegation shared their countrys experiences with the minister concerning mobile banking, conducive facilitating environment and financial inclusions and stated their longing to boost collaboration with Pakistan in this regard.

Anusha informed the representatives that incumbent government has given a complete telecom policy document in 2015 which addresses all the defies pertaining to telecom sector involving financial and social inclusion.

She also told the delegates that financial inclusion is a portion of our priority agenda and a committee consisting of all patrons i.e. State Bank, Ministry of Commerce has already been established under the chairmanship of the Finance Minister and functioning on the issue of financial inclusion.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 16

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