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1st anniversary in Pakistan XCMG launches ritual for 10,000 quality service activities

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PR:  World’s 5th largest construction machinery company XCMG has celebrated 1st Anniversary of its operations in Pakistan. With this XCMG Pakistan service quality miles activities officially kicked off.  Now the service team jointly set up by the service staff of China and Pakistan will continue to search for all XCMG equipment in Pakistan and conduct free inspection and guidance for […]…Read More

Pakistan talent beat 10,000 youth from 170 Countries

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United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Paris, France, from 30 November to 12 December 2015, had been met to negotiate the Paris Agreement, a global agreement on the reduction of climate change. During the conference, youth had been asked to take action and bring their collective energies to save the world that belongs to […]…Read More

10,000 PhDs to be produced under Pakistan-US knowledge corridor

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article image ISLAMABAD: In an effort to developing top quality higher education system for transforming Pakistan into a Knowledge Economy, the government has approved eight projects worth Rs 36 billion, which include establishment of university sub-campuses in districts, AJK Women University and PhD scholarship programme. Thousands of students belonging to far-flung areas would be benefitted from university sub- campuses or campuses to be set up in every…Read More