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Islamabad foresees up to $2.7b investment in power

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB:  Pakistan expects upto $2.7 billion merely in the wind energy projects in the country; though many alternative energy projects still in the pipeline.Currently, the country is developing wind power plants in Jhimpir, Gharo, Keti Bandar and Bin Qasim in Sindh which will not only help in controlling the persistent power loadshedding, but will also ease the burden of oil imports costing about $14 billion annually to the national exchequer.According to a USAID report, Pakistan has…Read More

FBR stopped from issuing Rs 27b tax waiver to cellcos

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: FBR Chairman Mumtaz Haider Rizvi was recently interrogated for over two hours at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) headquarters and was allowed to leave the premises only after he agreed not to issue a notification to write off the Rs47 billion on outstanding taxes for five cellular service providers of the country.According to the Bureau’s media wing, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, the Rs27 billion includes a principal amount of Rs26 billion owed by five cellular service…Read More