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Planting of over 300,000 Olive Trees underway in Pothohar

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article image ISLAMABAD: Under a five-year plan initiated in 2015, the agriculture department of Punjab province is providing two million olive saplings free of charge to farmers in the Pothohar region. The aim of the Olive Valley Project is to develop the region as an olive-growing region and promote domestic olive oil production. Pothohar (also often spelled Potohar, Pothwar, Potwar) is a large plateau region in north-eastern Pakistan covering an area of 8,…Read More

Over 300,000 olive saplings planted on 1260 acres

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Over 80 percent work on the Olive Cultivation Project has been completed so far in the selected areas during past two and a half years, PARC Member Coordination and Monitoring and National Project Director Olive, Dr. Munir said. "Plantation of 310,000 olive plants at an area of 1260 hectares has been completed so far and as per the project the plantation would be carried out on 1500 hectares of land in the selected area," he said while commenting on the…Read More

Our fisheries and 300,000 lives

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WHEN FISHERFOLK heard that private developers had announced an island landgrab, they couldn’t understand why it was happening again, that too under a government they voted for. In 2006, former PM Shaukat Aziz had tried to unilaterally bulldoze through a decree for the benefit of Emaar, a Gulf firm, in which he had a vested interest. But massive protests led to the Sindh government having the project stopped. For the last 12 years, the Port Qasim Authority (PQA), flexing its…Read More