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Pakistan needs to increase food production by 40-50pc

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Agriculture and water experts have stressed the need to take immediate measures to achieve water and food security in the country, saying that production should be increased by 40-50 per cent to cater to the ever-growing population. "Pakistan has to increase food production by 40-50 per cent to meet the needs of a projected population of 221 million by 2025," said experts, addressing participants at a workshop titled Technical Assistance: Balochistan Water…Read More

Govt plans to enhance tech education enrolment by 50pc

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The government under its Vision on Education is emphasizing on vocational and technical education as its numbers will be increased to 50 percent of all secondary enrolment by 2025. The technical and vocational education institutions are being emphasized to collaborate with businesses in identifying equipment and teaching materials in accordance with the skills required by businesses (re-engineering the curricula). "The vocational training facilities, polytechnic…Read More

Pak research publications up by 50pc

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has witnessed an impressive 50 per cent increase in the number of research publications during the last two years, going up from 3939 to 6200 in the higher education sector of Pakistan. This has been the second highest increase worldwide.Scimago, the world’s leading research database, forecast that if this research trend from Pakistan continues, by 2018 Pakistan would move ahead 26 notches in world ranking, from 43 to 27, and for the first time ever, will cross Hong…Read More

Qubee cuts staff by 50pc

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Qubee has fired half of its staff comprising 150 officials in different departments to cut off its operational expenses as per austerity plan to reduce the gap between expenditures and revenue earnings.According to sources, the Qubee, a Wimax broadband operator, has continued to cut jobs in its organization to restructure its business up to the current earning level after its parent company Augere Holdings has directed its subsidiary key officials to run the organization…Read More

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