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USAID provides advanced trainings to farmers from abroad

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STAFF REPORT ISB: USAID has catalyzed the agriculture and energy sector of Pakistan through its various commendable initiatives. One such initiative is the USAID Training for Pakistan Project’ under which training of farmers to advanced farming techniques is done. USAID has sent 18 participants to Netherlands to get hands on experience and trainings in various advanced methodologies including greenhouse systems and hydroponics. These techniques are very handy in increasing the production of…Read More

PTA plans to block illegal calls from abroad

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA Chairman Farooq Awan has said Pakistan is suffering major losses mainly due to the illegal international calls coming over to the country and the relevant authorities have taken serious actions to stop this practice and no call will made to the country without payment.It is to be mentioned here that PTA has recently increased tax on all incoming calls to Pakistan which violated the Competition Commission’s rules and this tax was removed two days before on special orders…Read More