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Accredited vocational training institute to be established in Pakistan

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Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd. and South Eastern Regional College (SERC) Lisburn agreed for collaboration in the fields of solar energy, electrical installation, and environmental technologies. The collaboration starts with provision of international exposure to training programs and an integral part of the Technical Training Institute (TTI) to be established in Pakistan, said Premier Energy Country […]…Read More

PHDA accredited as first Halal certification body

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Ministry of Science and Technology has accredited the Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) as the first ever public sector Halal Certification Body (HCB) in Pakistan for three years. After the accreditation, PHDA will conduct Halal audit of interested edible producers as per Pakistan Standard, and after the satisfactory report about the utilization of Halal ingredients and production processes as per Islamic law, the PHDA…Read More

Need stressed for accredited labs for Halal products

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Halal Development Authority (PHDA) Chairman former Justice Khalil ur Rehman has stressed the need for establishing accredited laboratories’ for Halal products especially meat to maximise exports from Punjab.He said that the government is interested in establishing a hub of meat exports in the province and the PHDA is conducting training programmes on producing, packing, exporting with Halal standards with the help of other countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and…Read More