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Farmers advised to bring saline land under cultivation

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article image STAFF REPORT MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to employ proper techniques to bring saline or water logged areas under cultivation of crops to improve agriculture production. "Saline land covered by white material on surface usually contains greater quantity of soluble minerals and this drawback can be addressed simply by water application after two to three times deep ploughing," said agriculture spokesman in a press statement. However, for this to happen,…Read More

Farmers advised to protect wheat

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The Met Office has advised the farmers to take precautionary measures for protecting the newly harvested wheat grain from insects' onslaught, besides pests and seasonal moistures saying insects and fungi attacks can damage the newly threshed wheat grain in the post harvesting period, advising them of taking pre-emptive measures.According to them, wheat grains should be placed under hygienic conditions in godowns, and suggested the use of Neem tree leaves in wheat sacks and…Read More

Farmers advised to irrigate wheat crop sown early

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The farmers should irrigate the early sown wheat crops as per need keeping in view the dry spell in the country's most agricultural plains, the Met office advised.It says in its ten-day farmer advisory that the wheat crop is developing in the country and urged the growers to remove weeds from the standing crops to scale down losses in the yield.It says, "Weeds consume considerable moisture and food from the field. As a result considerable loss in yield occurs every year.&…Read More