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Boron application – a patent approach to combat aerobic rice

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Food security is an important task to nourish the rapidly growing population of the world. However, increasing food demand and declining water availability are the challenges for food security. Water scarcity is perhaps the foremost limitation for sustainable crop production, rice being the most vulnerable. During transplanting and crop establishment, the fields remain flooded with 5-10 cm of water. As much water is used for wet soil preparation for rice production and also the huge…Read More

Aerobic Treatment for recycling kitchen wastewater

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article image WORLD POPULATION is at the verge of water shortage which demands proper management of water resources to meet requirements of rapidly growing population. Collection and reuse of wastewater has never been a priority in Pakistan but the concept is much more demanding in current needs especially in the areas having water shortage like Pothowar region. A low cost treatment system to reuse wastewater in agriculture sector may also aid in meeting water shortages.Wastewater creates public health…Read More