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Wrong priorities, this time again!

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According to the US Energy Information Administration estimates, Pakistan keeps huge deposits of shale gas and shale oil. If these reserves are tapped effectively it can last for about 50-70 years and save precious foreign exchange of over $15 billion being consumed in shape of annual oil import, thus eliminating the trade deficit. The energy-starved Pakistan, though, is making efforts to overcome power and gas shortage, yet the root cause are the wrong priorities by official authorities. The…Read More

Regional PC market getting stable again

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The PC market in the region is expected to experience yet another quarter of year-on-year growth in the third quarter of 2014, with shipments increasing by 10,6 per cent. The delivery of two massive education projects in Pakistan will contribute to this growth, reveals the fresh International Data Corp (IDC) data. The data shows growth in both the desktop and portable categories, with the former growing by 2,9 per cent year on year to reach 1,8m units and the latter…Read More

Mish and ling this time, again!

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IT HAS always been the dilemma of the policy makers in Pakistan that majority of the drafted policies hardly see light on the other side of the tunnel mainly due to their shortsightedness, shallow approach or inability to do complete homework before coming up with a policy on certain important issue. Sometimes they had to roll back their own drafted mechanisms following the sharp criticism on the part of public or the world at large on national issues. The auction of 3G/4G licences has now…Read More

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