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Renowned Physicist Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed passes away at age 87

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Islamabad: Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad (SI, HI, NI), the renowned Pakistani Nuclear Physicist and a former head to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, has passed away on January 18, 2018 (Thursday). As confirmed by media, Dr. Ishfaq was severely ill and hospitalized since the second week of 2018. His death was confirmed on Thursday evening. Dr. Ishfaq […]…Read More

Experts urge capacity-building in policy-making and governance for the approaching Intelligence Age

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PR: Shedding light on various socio-political and policy implications of the fourth industrial revolution an insightful session debated if we were ready to face the provocations put forward by the new age of artificial intelligence and whether we were preparing our future generations to cope with the forthcoming augmented reality? The questions were raised in the […]…Read More

Zong 4G to lead Pakistan into a new digitized age

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Zong 4G escorting Pakistan into a new digital age that is a transformative cultural philosophy to line up with values of its organization. The company aims to lead a technological revolution in Pakistan and to do so should clarify the unbridled innovative potential of organization. The central value of this transformative cultural standard is “Responsibility […]…Read More

Emergence of e-sports: Pakistani youth in the digital age

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article image Since its explosion across the country’s socio-cultural landscape over a decade ago, Computer Network Gaming has left a lasting impact on the lives of Pakistani youth growing up in the 21st century. From its earliest beginnings as a small cult phenomenon taking root in seedy internet cafes, network gaming has more or less become the mainstay of how today’s tech savvy youth are expected to socialize and form a healthy hobby around. Easy to access and with a relatively small…Read More

The age of technology gains a strong foothold in Pakistan

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article image Analysing the growth that has taken place in Pakistan since its inception in 1947, a lot can be said in terms of infrastructure development, agricultural growth and progress in education. However, it is important to shed light on one sector that barely existed at the time of independence and has now grown to be a deep-rooted and well-established part of the economy, and one upon which many of us greatly depend. The winds of change in the Information Technology sector of Pakistan have…Read More

Well Come to the age of Big Data

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By Azeema Sadia and Abdul Haseeb KhanThis article is useful to those who are having difficulty in storing and managing the large amounts of data that their business or organization is generating, and also for those who want to store their big data in an efficient manner.  This article will not go in to the detail of the infrastructure or mechanics of the Hadoop framework but rather it will give an over view of what it is and how it came into being.  Also we will discuss, briefly, some of the…Read More

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Public Health Informatics in the Information Age

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article image "THE NEW information and communication technologies (ICTs) are among the driving forces of globalization. They are bringing people together, and bringing decision makers unprecedented new tools for development. At the same time, however, the gap between information haves’ and have-nots’ is widening, and there is a real danger that the world’s poor will be excluded from the emerging knowledge-based global economy" (Kofi Annan - former Secretary General United Nations).No aspect of…Read More