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Agrochemicals and soil micro-biota

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article image Chemicals that are used in agricultural industries, in particular for crop protection, are known as agrochemicals or the synonym agrichemicals. Many agrichemicals are toxic, and agrichemicals in bulk storage may pose significant environmental and/or health risks, particularly in the event of accidental spills. In many countries, use of agrichemicals is highly regulated. Government-issued permits for purchase and use of approved agrichemicals may be required. Significant penalties can…Read More

Agrochemicals polluting the fragile natural resource water

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article image The primary aim of our nation after independence was to achieve self support in food production. We used various inputs or resources and incorporated various means of stabilizing the yield of agricultural crops through incorporating fertilizers, pesticide and other toxic chemical besides improving the quality of the agricultural products. Though it helped our nation in producing the food to meet the needs of ever increasing population but besides this the use of unsustainable path to…Read More