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Zinc deficiency in humans and agronomic biofortification

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Zinc is one of the essential elements necessary for the normal growth and development of humans and plants. Zinc is an essential element required for metabolic activities of 300 enzymes of body, and also requires for DNA synthesis, protein synthesis and cell division, these enzymes played an important role in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Zinc is very essential element for growth of tissues, healing of wounds, maintenance of connective tissues, functioning of immune system,…Read More

Agronomic strategies need of the hour

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STAFF REPORT FBD: In order to ensure food security agricultural scientists desperately need to devise new agronomic strategies by utilising innovative technologies keeping in view the rapidly increasing population and decreasing water and soil resources in the country."We did not prioritise agricultural sector in accordance with the international standards since 80s onward that is why we are lagging behind in productivity," said Waseem Mukhtar, Secretary Agriculture Government of…Read More