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Launch of Election Pakistan Portal ahead of General Elections 2018

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article image Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability- Free and Fair Election Network (TDEA-FAFEN) is a not-for-profit organization working to foster democratic accountabilities, improving governance, and have an oversight over the legislative and electoral processes in the country. In Pakistan, election-related information is not available at a single source. TDEA-FAFEN after rigorous work of almost one-and-a-half years […]…Read More

Ridge and Furrow with Plastic Mulching: AStep Ahead forSemi-aridRain-fedAgri-produce enhancement

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article image Semi-arid or sub-humid zones are characterized by low erratic rainfall of up to 700 mm per annum, periodic droughts and different associations of vegetative cover and soils. Inter-annual rainfall varies from 20-50%. Regarding livelihood systems, in general, agricultural harvests are likely to be irregular, although grazing is satisfactory. Pakistan lies in the subtropical arid zone and most of the country is subjected to a semi-arid climate. Linked to water, and based on physiography, in…Read More

Ufone takes Mobile Money Transfer Services one step ahead-Upaisa to issue Debit Cards

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article image In this world of UPaisa and EasyPaisa services, Ufone takes it one step ahead starting with the issuance of UPaisa Debit Cards. According to the Officials, you don’t need to have a bank account for debit card operations. Instead, you can use UPaisa Debit Card for multiple transactions without a bank account. The debit card can be used at ATM’s, 1-Link and M-Net; both services are given. UPaisa debit card is not only limited to ATM’s; it can also be used at retail stores such as…Read More

Intel perspectives-competing ahead of the exascale pack

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article image IT’S NO surprise that governments across the globe - including China, Japan, the US, and Europe’s biggest players - are in a race to develop exascale systems. Being able to house the most powerful supercomputers will enable public or large private organisations make them the first port of call when looking to address current and future computing needs. It will create not only significant revenue and employment opportunities, but also the chance to become the global hub of IT…Read More

2013: looking ahead

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article image Cloud ServicesThe year 2013 will see adoption of Cloud Services and it will continue to grow in Pakistan. Increasingly, customers - both individuals and companies - will seek to store their data in the Cloud’ as opposed to physical data servers, as well as avail of software services on a rental’ basis.Large MNCs, banks and other financial services companies moved into this domain some time back. Looking forward, educational institutions are likely to take the next step, as digitisation of…Read More

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