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Alleviating heavy metal stress with the use of biochar application

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article image Pakistan’s economy is highly dependent on its agriculture sector. Due to devastated impacts of changing climate, the hydrological cycles have been disturbed which has resulted in acute shortage of surface fresh water across the globe and Pakistan is among the top targeted area. The underground water reservoirs have also been turned useless due to brackishness, […]…Read More

Iodine biofortified tomatoes: Alleviating iodine deficiency in Pakistan

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Healthy and well-balanced diet is necessary for a healthy Pakistan. Poor nutrition and insanitary livelihood affect the health of children as mineral deficiency causes malnutrition, also called as "HIDDEN HUNGER". Approximately 1200 children under the age of five years die each day in the country and more than 1/3rd deaths are due to malnutrition. Daily calories should be carefully met; deficiency of any essential dietary elements causes health problems, like iodine deficiency,…Read More