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‘Amber Alert’ Child Abduction System to be introduced in Punjab

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Amber alert or Child Abduction Emergency is a system that is alerted during any child abduction. If any authority or law enforcement finds that a child has been abducted, and the abduction falls in amber alert criteria broadcasters and transportation administrators are notified. Abduction is broadcasted immediately on TV, radio by interrupting the normal programming. […]…Read More

A journey from Amber to Fiber…

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article image By Aamir Hussain Memon"ELECTROMAGNETICS" IS at the heart of everything that is done with electricity. It concerns itself with the forces that charge particles exert upon each other. Electromagnetics is a word that was coined in the late 1800s to denote a newly discovered phenomenon that was the combination of what previously had been thought to be completely separate phenomena: electricity and magnetism.The effects of electric charge have been known since 600 B.C. History records that…Read More

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