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Sericulture- An Art and Science of Silk Production

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In developing countries like Pakistan reduction of rural poverty is a paramount goal. According to World Bank estimate more than 70% poor people live in rural areas. Various strategies have been pursued to address this concern and create new employment opportunities. The practice of sericulture is one of the important agro- based pursuits with which rural population is associated from ancient times. Sericulture industry provides direct and indirect…Read More

Fruit Leather; An instant source of energy

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article image Do you know that you can eat leather too? Yes, it is true. Let me take you into the food world where leather is a delicious and healthy snack.You are already aware that fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals consequently having a greater value regarding health benefits. They own bounteous nutritious components like antioxidant compounds, laid back with tocopherols, anthocyanins, carotenoids and phenolic compounds. The reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases,…Read More

Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: An introduction and applications

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article image Photoacoustic (PAS) or optoacoustic spectroscopyis a unique form of spectroscopy that uses sound and light to examine the behaviour of material. This technique is used tostudy thermal emission developing from non-radiative de-excitation after absorbing radiation from the incoming light. Alexander Graham Bell was the first scientist to detect the photoacoustic effect in 1880. He discovered that thin disc when exposed to an interrupted beam of sunlight produces an audible sound in UV and…Read More

Mango Peel: An imperative health care

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article image Health is of fundamental importance for all living organisms. It is that balanced condition of a living being in which the primary, harmonious performance of the vital functions leads to maintenance of the organism and its normal development. The meaning of health for human beings is the capability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage while confronting the physical, mental or social challenges. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being…Read More

Book Review: An Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terminologies

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article image Hasnain Nangyal is an eminent research fellow who has rendered immaculate work by creating a glossary of botanical terminologies that is a great contribution in the academic sphere particularly in the field of botany. Hasnain utilized his publishing experience as he is a regular contributor of Technology Times, Microbiology World, By Science it will be a paradise, Biocogzine Newsletter etc. This is the maiden book on this subject and no prior work is done so far from Pakistan. Hasnain…Read More

An axe on Internet usage

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IT MAY inevitable from various aspects, angles, viewpoints etc. but the tax is really an axe for many as it is the era of IT and internet now a day. Current initiative of Government of Punjab on taxing Internet usage will hamper the sector instead of earning money for governance. We are investing heavily on internet and its usage is increasing by leaps and bounds. It may be a positive step despite issue of many won’t be able to use it in a better way or abuse it in a worst way still we see…Read More

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Media and good governance: An essential relationship

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article image The origin of the theory of "Good Governance" can be traced back to the Ancient Greek period if we catch the essence of Aristotle’s fundamental statement "the state came into existence for the sake of mere life, but continued for the sake of good life". If we look into the term "Good Life" we can trace out the components of good governance which we converse in modern times. The political philosophers like Hobbs, Lock and Rousseau also stated the…Read More

Sonic Bloom: An audio plant growth enhancer

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Plants can only be understood when considered in connection with all that is circling, weaving and living around them. In the spring and autumn, when swallows produce vibrations as they flock in a body of air, causing currents with their wing beats, and birdsong, have a powerful effect on the flowering and fruiting of plants. These observation lead to the development of audio plant growth promoting product called the "sonic bloom". Sonic bloom is simply a sound frequency based on…Read More

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF)- An Emerging Zoonotic Problem in Pakistan

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Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a widespread disease caused by a tick-borne virus (Nairovirus) of theBunyaviridaefamily. The CCHF virus causes severe viral haemorrhagic fever outbreaks, with a case fatality rate of 10-40%. The disease was first characterized in the Crimea in 1944 and given the name Crimean hemorrhagic fever. It was then later recognized in 1969 as the cause of illness in the Congo, thus resulting in the current name of the disease. Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic…Read More

Biochar: An option to mitigate climate change

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article image Biochar, also known as black carbon, is a product that is derived from organic materials rich in carbon (C) and found in soils in very stable solid forms. It is basically a pyrolysis product of organic residues that has received wide attention to mitigate climate change. Biochars can persist for longer periods of time in the soil at various depths, typically thousands of years. Biochars are well known to improve soil physical and chemical properties, such as increasing soil fertility and…Read More