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Applications for net-metering facility being accepted by KE

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A facilitation desk has been established by K-Electric. K-Electric has established the desk to receive applications from eligible residential, commercial and industrial customers interested in availing Net-Metering facility. NEPRA’s Net-Metering guidelines were kept in mind before setting up the desk. The desk will facilitate customers to obtain a license and to sell their excess electricity […]…Read More

Bioinformatics its role & applications in agriculture & other disciplines

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article image Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary area of the science composed of biology, mathematics and computer science. Bioinformatics has come out as a tool to smoothing the ways for biological discoveries. With the development of Human Genome Project, the data of biology increased fabulously and marvellously. The ability to process, manage, capture, interpret and analyze data became […]…Read More

Applications of genomics approaches to agriculture

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article image Agriculture is the primary means of meeting the nutritional needs of the world’s population. The projected growth in population from the current 6 billion to 9–10 billion within 50 years will put enormous strains on the world’s food supply. At present, approximately 800 million people are malnourished. In the past, improvements in agriculture through the […]…Read More

A Systematic approach on RNAi, Methodology and its Applications

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article image RNA interference (RNAi) is a naturally occurring biological process in which RNA molecules suppress the gene expression or translation, by acting on homologous-targeted mRNA molecules in a range of organisms. This method is also known by other names including co-suppression, post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS), and quelling. The initial discovery of this phenomenon was in 1991, scientists who were trying to deepen the color of petunia […]…Read More

Intl conference “Mathematics and its Applications (ICMA 2017)”

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International conference on “Mathematics and its Applications (ICMA 2017)” began at the Government College University Lahore. Targeting to give a platform to present their research in the field of Mathematical Sciences to scientists, academicians and industry professionals from all over the world. At the 3 day conference, 11 foreign and 38 national scientists presented their […]…Read More

Micro propagation – Techniques and Applications

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Micropropagation is the practice of rapidly multiplying reserve plant material to produce a large number of progeny plants, using modern methods of plant tissue culture. Micropropagation is used to multiply noble plants, such as those that have been genetically modified or raised through conventional plant breeding methods. It is also used to provide a sufficient […]…Read More

Oracle Infuses its Cloud Applications with Artificial Intelligence

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article image PR: Artificial Intelligence Makes the World’s Broadest, Most Innovative, and Fastest-growing Cloud Applications Portfolio Oracle today announced new artificial intelligence-based apps for finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, commerce, customer service, marketing, and sales professionals. The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are built into the existing Oracle Cloud Applications to deliver the industry’s most powerful […]…Read More

Satellite Altimetry and Hydrological Applications

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Department of Remote sensing and GISc-Institute of Space Technology Karachi, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Inter – Islamic Network on Space Science and Technology (ISNET) organized a four day training course on Satellite Altimetry and Hydrological Applications from 26th September to 30th September, 2016. In this training course international expert from Consiglio Nazionale […]…Read More

ITU invites applications for various positions

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Embedded Computing Laboratory (ECLab) of Information Technology University (ITU) Punjab has invited applications for various research positions, including Ph.D. candidates and research associates. The selected candidates will be associated with national and European research projects in the areas of information security (software/hardware), massively parallel computing systems and advanced computer architecture and approximate computing. The required […]…Read More