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Rice fish aquaculture improves farmer’s income

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article image Rice-Fish water culture might be practiced to enhance the income of agriculturists and to make a fundamental thing accessible in the eating routine of people living in rural regions where this culture is the staple ration. As rice development requires a lot of water and fish culture likewise require water for fish life, this combination […]…Read More

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in aquaculture, environment and society

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The Erasmus Mundus European joint master degree programme is open for international students who wish to pursue their career in multicultural environment then Joint Master Degree in AquaCulture, Environment and Society (ACES) is the right choice that will give students a unique opportunity to study in the United Kingdom, Crete and France, as well as allowing you to gain the practical and theoretical skills needed for a successful career in Aquaculture through industry-led research programmes…Read More

Experts say aquaculture can cut food insecurity

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Oceanologists and fisheries experts are of the view that climate change coupled with increasing level of water pollution is making way for a decrease in fish population, and in such conditions, aquaculture can be a great source to fulfill the fish requirements of the country. They said that at a recently held two-day PAFS annual conference "Aquaculture and Fisheries Development: Opportunities and Challenges" organised by Karachi University Office of Research,…Read More