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Genetics has the potential in boosting up the living st and ard of human being

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article image Genetics is the branch of biology which deals with the study of heredity and variation. Heredity is the process of transforming the traits from parents to offspring. Whereas the variation deals with the dissimilarities or differences of offsprings from their ancestors. So shortly speaking genetics deals with how characters are being transformed from parents to their offsprings and in doing so what are certain processes which cause variation due to which the differences arise in the…Read More

Seminar held on good st and ard practices

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has recently organized a technical training course on Good Standardization Practices’. On the occasion, Pir Bakhsh Jamali, Director General, PSQCA, highlighted the importance of good standardization practices and stressed the need for ensuring international participation. He asked standards developers, academia and Industry to work jointly to realize the economic benefits by following the international…Read More

Rising population and education st and ard

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PAKISTAN is a country which is counted among the 10 countries having the largest population. However, it is not something to be proud of because as population keeps increasing, so does our illiteracy rate.The Pakistan government cuts the education budget and spends it on defence and luxuries for bureaucrats.Sadly, the budget for education never goes above 3.5 per cent, which is pathetic.Pakistan’s annual growth rate is only 2.4 per cent because of the low literacy rate. Since most of the…Read More