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Adopting world st and ards can avoid EU ban on mango

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The government, private sector and all stakeholders need to join hands and work collectively to address the challenges confronted by the horticulture sector of Pakistan. KCCI President Abdullah Zaki has expressed while speaking at a EU-funded Public Private Dialogue (PPD) on Enhancing competitiveness and exports of kinnow and mango’. He appreciated the efforts being made by ITC, PITAD in collaboration with the EU towards disseminating TRTA II exclusively for…Read More

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PSQCA reiterates vow to support quality st and ards

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority is keen to support activities, promoting quality standards in Pakistan; therefore, it has been continuing participating and supporting Quality Standard Award activity since its establishment in 2010 to promote quality standard culture in Pakistan. Pir Bakhsh Jamali, Director General, PSQCA, said this in his message read out at the recently held 4th Quality Standard Award 2013 and the Seminar on Theme of 44th World…Read More

Pakistan civil nuclear power plants meeting international safety st and ards

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article image SARANG S SHEIKH THE CONSTRUCTIONof K-2 and K-3, the two civil nuclear power generation plants, have the capacity to manage ecosystems, preserve biodiversity and protect Karachi population from natural hazards as they cover the internationally agreed safety levels, security measures, design barriers, construction sites and operational phases. "Pakistan is going to enhance environmental as well as individual security, and it will be better if public is aware about to reduce the…Read More

HEC drafts minimum quality st and ards manual for colleges

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Principals and experts from the Quality Enhancement Cells of universities have finalized the manual after incorporating suggestions and recommendations. Once approved by HEC authorities, the manual will be used as a tool for performance evaluation of colleges affiliated with universities in Pakistan. The draft Minimum Quality Standards (MQS) Manual for affiliated colleges was finalized during a meeting of principals and experts called by the HEC. The Academics…Read More

Proficiency testing services launched to meet world quality st and ards

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article image Staff Report ISLAMABAD: The National Proficiency Testing services have been launched in Pakistan which will further strengthen the quality infrastructure and contribute towards building international reputation of this infrastructure all over the world. The initiative, taken under the Trade Related Technical Assistance-II Programme with the European Union funding, is the result of strong collaboration of National Physical and Standards Laboratory (NPSL) with the Ministry of Science…Read More

Declining research st and ards in Pakistan

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In Aril, 2013, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) awarded billions of rupees to Pakistani researchers that got their research published in different disciplines. Apparently, policy of supporting and encouraging researchers in different scientific disciplines is appreciable in the sense that it is a necessary evil to promote a culture of science and technology in the universities and research organizations. However, it raises important questions about the credibility of…Read More

Pakistan sets track to ensure food security to meet world st and ards

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is set to achieve food safety in near future as the central government has for the first time formulated the Food Quality and Safety Bill to ensure food safety and maintain international standards of country's products."Food security is not local or regional issue but an international one, therefore, it is the international responsibility to join hands to address this issue," said speakers while addressing the Pak-Brazil seminar on food securityand poverty…Read More

PSM trying to meet western st and ards

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: The Lahore Science Museum is housed within the University of Engineering and Technology off the famous Grand Trunk Road. Being the first and only science museum in Pakistan, it had witnessed around 100,000 visitors last year.The spacious 11,000 square foot building has a feel of the past, though not in disrepair it still carries an air of neglect, of a place quietly kept clean and running but ignored nonetheless.According to an official of the museum, the idea for such a museum…Read More

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Concepts clarity key to improving science teaching st and ards: Dr. Arshad Ali

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article image Prof. Dr Arshad Ali, Principal, SEECS, is a prolific researcher and academician. He has over 100 publications to his credit. He has been conferred Gold Medal by Pakistan Academy of Sciences and COMSTECH for IT research, President’s Gold Medal for Best NUST Researcher of the Year 2005 and Distinguished Scientist of the Year 2006" Award by PAS. Dr Arshad is also recipient of President’s Pride of Performance in IT research. During his talk with Technology Times, he shared his views about…Read More