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Are we poisoning ourselves?

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Rapid increase in human population has employed increased issues of hunger, poverty, food security, hygiene and health issues. Population explosion has also led the way towards frequent use of insecticides and pesticides following repercussions in the form of damaging human and animal health as well as its destructive effects on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem especially in third world countries. It is now clearly indicated by the recent reports that these poisons have become a part of food…Read More

Are you a Pakistani pseudo-intellectual?

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article image Social media has also given us a false sense of satisfaction that we are bringing about change, when in fact meaningful change requires action. With the rise of free media, several classic cases of pseudo-intellectualism have emerged in Pakistan, but only a few hold a special place in the Pseudo-intellectualism Hall of Fame’. So what is pseudo-intellectualism? The Urban Dictionary offers a very concise description of a pseudo-intellectual: "One who attempts to flex…Read More

Are we on the verge of smarter computer?

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article image THE AMOUNT of digital data around the world is doubling every two years, thanks in large part to innovative new ways to create and share information. Mobile devices, social networking, and the internet will contribute to a data glut of historic proportions by 2020, which according to market researcher IDC, will be 50 times greater than current levels.The question is, are we ready for all that data? Better yet, are our systems equipped with the innovative technology to manage it?What’s needed…Read More

Are you ready for Radio Tax?

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The nation already paying ptv tax on it’s electricity bills. Government is taking Rs.35 on every bill of electricity even in mosque’s bills. Ptv employees and official are enjoying the benfits on the income of poor people’s of Pakistan.Now this government is planning to impose another tax, which is being slapped to save the Radio Pakistan. In this budget the federal government is planning to impose tax of Rs. 2 on every recharge of Rs. 100 on mobile phone.This will be a shameful move by…Read More

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