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Pakistan assures nuclear assets safety

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: being a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan has evolved effective nuclear security architecture over the years and has developed substantial capacity for nuclear security training. Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres regularly contribute to the global efforts for enhancing nuclear security capacity building.This was the crux of the annual meeting of the International Network for NSSC recently organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad in…Read More

Pakistan left with no option but to pledge Wapda assets for Bhasha Dam

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB:  Asian Development Bank (ADB), a leading donor for the Bhasha Dam, has informally reversed its commitment to finance the project, giving a big blow to the government of Pakistan, a senior official told the scribe on condition of anonymity.According to a Wapda spokesman, funds arrangement has emerged as a major hurdle in the execution of the project and alternative options would soon be considered to raise a massive $12 billion for the dam.The official revealed that ADB…Read More