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Climate change impacts on water availability and agriculture sector

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article image Globally agriculture sector is assailable to climate change. Pakistan stands amongst the extremely affected countries by the fluctuation of climate. Food security and water availability would be badly affected, because of fickle rainfall patterns, weather trends, and extreme events such as floods which have been besetting our agriculture sector gravely. Climate change experts warned Pakistan due to the existence of five major hazards related to climate change. There will be glacial…Read More

Pakistan needs radical measures for sustained potable water availability

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article image Sidra SaifISLAMABAD: While hurling a serious caution about the fast evaporation of potable water in South Asia particularly Pakistan, which is negatively impacting the social life patterns, a national consultative workshop stressed on revision of the institutional architecture of the water sector. They also warned that after 20 years Pakistan would be in tougher circumstances if solid steps are not taken to secure its water sources and overcome this crisis, the institutions must have the…Read More

Diminishing water availability!

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URBAN POPULATION of Pakistan swelled by over 2.2 million people between 2011 and 2012, now constituting about 38 per cent of the country’s total population of over 180 million. The increased population growth rate as well the massive shift of population from rural to urban areas on one hand has triggered concerns, the rapidly diminishing per capital water availability has rung alarm bells. Fresh official statistics suggest that presently per capita water availability stands at 1,011 cubic…Read More