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PGMD n important database to test and avoid genetic disorders

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Pakistan is a victim of many inherited genetic disorders due to the trend of cousin marriages. By establishing a mutome that is a genetic mutation database that will help provide genetic counseling and screening, and aid in personalized healthcare according to the software developers. Pakistan Genetic Mutation Database (PGMD) by using PubMed database of references […]…Read More

Adopting world st and ards can avoid EU ban on mango

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The government, private sector and all stakeholders need to join hands and work collectively to address the challenges confronted by the horticulture sector of Pakistan. KCCI President Abdullah Zaki has expressed while speaking at a EU-funded Public Private Dialogue (PPD) on Enhancing competitiveness and exports of kinnow and mango’. He appreciated the efforts being made by ITC, PITAD in collaboration with the EU towards disseminating TRTA II exclusively for…Read More

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Drastic measures needed to avoid droughts

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The gradual increase in water scarcity is likely to cause a drought situation in the country by 2025 if immediate steps are not taken to improve the storage and conservation capacity. "Pakistan is among the few countries worst hit by water shortage and we are fast moving towards drought conditions," Water and Power Secretary Saifullah Chattha warned during a presentation to the first meeting of the newly formed NA Standing Committee on Water and Power…Read More