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An axe on Internet usage

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IT MAY inevitable from various aspects, angles, viewpoints etc. but the tax is really an axe for many as it is the era of IT and internet now a day. Current initiative of Government of Punjab on taxing Internet usage will hamper the sector instead of earning money for governance. We are investing heavily on internet and its usage is increasing by leaps and bounds. It may be a positive step despite issue of many won’t be able to use it in a better way or abuse it in a worst way still we see…Read More

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Axe falls on Pak expats this time!

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THE RECENT proposal to establish the International Clearing House (ICH) and fixation of termination rates on incoming overseas calls to Pakistan, now applicable from October 1 despite a strict warning by the super regulator Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), has now forced the overseas Pakistanis to pay about $150 million a month on international calls back home but also speaks about the shallow approach of the relevant authorities towards handling the stakeholders (overseas Pakistanis)…Read More

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