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Scientific community fuses to stop the lumberjack axing NARC

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BY Ahsan Jamil THE SCIENTIFIC Research Centers in any country are nurseries not only to cultivate and realign the research realm but also to invigorate the quelling SandT sector by exciting, rejuvenating, and transpiring the scientific findings that further feature in form of products of common utility and industrial benefit. These centers are not only buildings made of bricks and mortar but stick majesty and royalty with them. National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) is the crown…Read More

Axing LDI operators with Rs9bn CCP fine

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article image By Sikander NaqiRECENTLY, THE Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) finally made its order regarding the fate of the amounts charged on making international telephone calls to Pakistan.The CCP had the PTCL and 13 other long distance and international telecommunication service operators (LDI operators) in its sights and has now found against the LDI operators.In total a fine of just over Rs 9 billion was made against the LDI operators, with the lion share against PTCL (Rs 8.3 billion). This is…Read More

Telecom watchdogs axing night call packages!

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THE PAKISTAN Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently ordered all local cellular phone companies to immediately shut all night call packages and chat room services citing these services are not suitable for social norms and considered immoral in our Islamic society. As far as the argument of the telecom watchdog is concerned, it looks very sane and just as majority of the youth is witnessed engaged in talking with their friends and other cross-sex persons on cell phones the whole night.…Read More