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Agriculture backbone of Pakistan’s economy

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The Pakistan farmers’ union, “Pakistan Kissan Ittehad” registered a protest at the federal capital on the announcement of Federal Budget 2017-18. The law enforcement authorities decided to use force against them. Police fired tear gas and unleashed water from water cannons to disperse protesting farmers. The government has heavy-handed approach to suppress farmer’s demands is […]…Read More

Mathematics backbone of science subjects

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Mathematics is one of the important field and backbone of science subjects and there must be proper utilization of this subject in daily life. The government is committed to provide full support for the promotion of mathematical culture in the society, said by Federal Minister for Ministry of Education and Training Sheikh Waqas Akram, while addressing the 13th International Pure Mathematics Conference on Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, and Mechanics here last week.On the occasion…Read More