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Environmental flows downstream of Kotri Barrage

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THE INTERNATIONAL Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had recommended 22 years ago that 27maf water must flow downstream of Kotri annually and at least 6,000 cusecs all the time. These figures were probably recommended in 1991, in response to the Water Accord 1991. The old IUCN figures would no longer be valid now because during these years a number of factors have come up, which impact the environmental flows, requiring a substantial upward increase in the IUCN figures. Climate…Read More

Wullar Barrage to figure in Pak-India talks

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: India is trying to navigate its way out of a debate with Pakistan over the construction of Wullar Barrage, also known as the Tulbul Project, while Pakistan wants to take the issue up when foreign ministers of both nations meet in Islamabad next month sources said."India is trying to evade the topic of Wullar Barrage which would divert water from River Jhelum so that its construction can begin without intensive deliberations with Pakistan." a source close to the Pak-…Read More