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N-fertilizers: Becoming an environmental plague

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article image Production of nitrogenous fertilizers were initiated when Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch in 1909 turned the nitrogen gas (N2) in the air into ammonia (NH3) through an industrial process. This conversion was a major breakthrough not only in industrialization but also in agriculture sector because prior to this conversion the main sources of fertilizer were animal dung, leaf litter, bird guano, etc which was not so productive and quick in action. As the world’s population grew, it became…Read More

Pakistan on way to becoming Associate Member of CERN

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article image Paras AliISLAMABAD: Pakistan, the only nuclear power from the Muslim World, is now fast approaching to have another feather in its cap as it is the strong candidate for joining the world’s most prestigious, classified and largest particle physics laboratory CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) as an Associate Member."Pakistan has applied for the status of Associate Member of this physics laboratory (CERN)," a senior executive of a Pakistani organization working on the…Read More

Pakistan fast becoming dumping site for global e-waste

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has become the most vulnerable country among the poor states to the e-waste being produced especially by the developed world giving rise to the e-waste recycling cottage industry besides causing multiple human diseases and negative impacts on environment as this e-waste carries toxic fumes.Rapid advancements in technology has been mentioned the main reason behind consumers frequently replacing mobile phones, televisions sets and computers that create e-waste. According…Read More