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Before it is too late!

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It was rare but alarming that only days before the October earthquake, most parts of the northern areas of Pakistan received heavy early snowfall and remained cut off from the country, forcing an emergency evacuation of thousands of people trapped there. Even Naran was buried under four feet of snow which was the earliest snowfall in the area since 40 years. This is not the first unusual weather event this year as in July a heavy downpour created flash floods and glacial lake bursts in…Read More

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Factors to consider before buying a Solar PV system

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article image By Samir AhmadOWING TO the unprecedented level of power shortage being faced throughout the major cities and villages of Pakistan, a substantial demand of quick and reliable power solutions for household and industrial application has been observed. People have now started understanding that quick fixes in the form of UPS (Uninterrupted power supplies) and petrol/diesel generators are not a long term and sustainable solution to the impending power crisis, which is here to stay.In scenarios such…Read More