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Beware for abundance of Nutrient Blast

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article image FERTILIZERS AND pesticides are considered to be the key platyers of better crop production. Fertilizers have to play their specific nutritious task whereas pesticides and other chemicals are known for their vitality in providing the protective umbrella against insects, diseases, and weeds. After the establishment of the Punjab Agricultural College Lyallpur (Faisalabad) in 1906, the researc-h activities on crop were started. In 1909, the research work on nitrogen requirements of different…Read More

Beware of electricity hazards

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article image ELECTRICITY HAS been one of the greatest benefits to the mankind, it has contributed to all major developments that we enjoy today. At the same time electricity can also be one of the most dangerous risk to our health and safety. Yes as we all know electricity can kill...!! Hundreds of people die each year in Pakistan due to electrocution related accidents, the situation becomes worst during monsoon season and most of the casualties occur in this period. In US alone average 400 peoples die from…Read More

Beware of E-waste

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article image By Tariq Farid via Daily TimesHAZARDOUS E-WASTE has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of "yet to be enacted E-waste laws" in the country.The people, especially the youth, are buying E-waste of the West’ as branded computers due to lack of awareness about the grave risks it is posing to the environment, human life and…Read More

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