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Alleviating heavy metal stress with the use of biochar application

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article image Pakistan’s economy is highly dependent on its agriculture sector. Due to devastated impacts of changing climate, the hydrological cycles have been disturbed which has resulted in acute shortage of surface fresh water across the globe and Pakistan is among the top targeted area. The underground water reservoirs have also been turned useless due to brackishness, […]…Read More

Biochar and soil health relations and benefits

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article image Soil is a major part of life of human being which supports a man from its birth to death. Its creation is not just within days or months or years, it needs centuries. It`s maintenance is essential for every generation with the climate simultaneously. It is basically itself a whole world. It has nutrients, elements, organic matter, a lot of species of organisms and indirectly a symbol of life. A wide range of biodiversity survives in it. Human extract a…Read More

Biochar as a soil improver

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article image Biochar is a specialized form of charcoal because it is rich in charcoal product, porous in nature and is in fine grained form. It is used to enhance the agricultural yield.Biochar is a fractious organic carbon compound and it is stabilized. Through the thermal decomposition of organic material, Biochar is made. Pyrolysis is the process by which biomass is treated under absence or low amount of oxygen between 300 and 1000 °C, after heating the carbon the product that is left behind is…Read More

Biochar: A vital soil amendment for degraded land

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article image LAND DEGRADATION is an emerging issue in several countries especially in Pakistan as a consequence of climatic variabilities. Land degradation is impoverishment of the land by human activities and by natural causes. The loss of arable land has been caused by a number of factors, many or most of which are tied to human development in last 2 decades. It has been grouped into five classes: water erosion, wind erosion, soil fertility decline, salinization and water logging. Water and wind…Read More

Potential advantages of biochar in crop production

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article image Biochar is the solid product material produced during a process known as pyrolysis from the thermo-conversion of biomass under little or no oxygen for use in soils as an amendment. Biochar is produced from a variety of biomass residues (feed stocks) and under different pyrolytic conditions, and thus has varying nutrient contents. For example, the total nitrogen and phosphorus contents are typically higher in biochar produced from feed stocks of animal origin than those of plant origin…Read More

Biochar: An option to mitigate climate change

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article image Biochar, also known as black carbon, is a product that is derived from organic materials rich in carbon (C) and found in soils in very stable solid forms. It is basically a pyrolysis product of organic residues that has received wide attention to mitigate climate change. Biochars can persist for longer periods of time in the soil at various depths, typically thousands of years. Biochars are well known to improve soil physical and chemical properties, such as increasing soil fertility and…Read More

Social and financial benefits of biochar

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article image Biochar is a charred organic matter produced with the intent to deliberately apply to the soils to sequester carbon and improved soil properties. Charcoal and biochar are the same things but the difference is only in their utilitarian intention. However, unlike charcoal, which is often used for cooking, biochar made under certain conditions in order to be applied to soil as a means of soil fertility and agricultural productivity and carbon sequestration to stop global warming in growthCLIMATE…Read More