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Use of Biofertilizers is a step towards sustainability

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article image FERTILIZERS AND pesticides are two principle agricultural inputs. Fertilizers are the food while pesticides act as medicine for the crops. After intensive and prolonged cultivation, agricultural lands becomes poor in fertility and need to be supplemented heavily with agrochemicals to fulfill the deficiency of nutrients resulted due to this conventional intensive agricultural system. No doubt, the chemical fertilizers increase the productivity but they are no more cost effective.…Read More

Biofertilizers: A tool for minimising climate change

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article image One of the major concerns in today’s world is the pollution and contamination of soil. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has caused an incredible harm to the environment. A solution to this is the biofertilizer, an environmental-friendly fertilizer now used in most countries. Biofertilizers are organisms that enrich the nutrient quality of soil. Biofertilizer is still an unclear term. Biofertilizer is most commonly referred to the use of soil microorganisms to increase…Read More