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Bioinformatics its role & applications in agriculture & other disciplines

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article image Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary area of the science composed of biology, mathematics and computer science. Bioinformatics has come out as a tool to smoothing the ways for biological discoveries. With the development of Human Genome Project, the data of biology increased fabulously and marvellously. The ability to process, manage, capture, interpret and analyze data became […]…Read More

Bioinformatics: need of every biologist


article image To talk about an information overload in the modern life sciences is an understatement. Bioinformatics is being practiced worldwide by academic groups, companies, and national and international research consortia, and it should be thought of as bedrock of future biological sciences. Bioinformatics evolved into complete interdisciplinary science to solve the biological problems by utilizing statistical, […]…Read More

PhD position in Functional Bioinformatics at Arebro University, Sweden

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article image AREBRO UNIVERSITY attempts to utilize, re-join and further create techniques for information reconciliation, measurable learning, system science and factual bioinformatics. Analytic and prescient biosignatures for gastrointestinal brokenness, for the most part, IBS and IBD, are in the center of this position, sifted from clinical, sub-atomic and microbial profile information. Information is for the most part from our participations accomplices, therapeutic specialists and biomedical…Read More

Distant learning course held on bioinformatics

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The ISCB-RSG-Pakistan, in collaboration with Pakistan Medical Students' Research Society (PMSRS), has recently hosted a three-day intensive short distance learning course for medical students.This course provided an introduction to medical informatics, sequence analysis, phylogenetics, molecular modeling, protein-protein interaction, pathways studies, drug designing and data mining of medical data, etc."Objectives of the course are to present the state-of-the-art…Read More

Clinical Bioinformatics: Informatics on clinical approach

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article image FROM THE last few decades computer sciences and ICT have revolutionized the field of molecular biology and bioinformatics. The exploration of gene sequence and protein structure information has led to a volatile growth in clinical practices of bioinformatics.The discipline is experiencing an increasing attention in the study of biomedical problems along with the complete human genome sequences, its analysis and understandings.Bioinformatics has a huge impact on biological research in microarray…Read More