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Experts stress need for tapping blogs potential for progress

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The rapid creation and consumption of social media contents continues to drive the evolution of Internet and the web. Social media content now accounts for the majority of content published round the clock on the web. As the space evolves, researchers and industrial practitioners find themselves at a key point for collaborating on research, implementation and deployment of a wide range of analyses and applications. Experts expressed these views at a seminar titled &…Read More

Speakers highlight rising role of blogs, social media to promote entrepreneurship

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article image STAFF REPORT RWP: Highlighting the significance of the web blogs and social media in terms of disseminating information as well as contribution towards economic growth, speakers at a one-day seminar stressed the need for further involvement especially of youth in order to promote the culture of innovations and entrepreneurship. The seminar titled "How to earn from Blogging and Social Media" has recently been organized by the Technology Times, Tech TV and Ripha International…Read More