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Boron application – a patent approach to combat aerobic rice

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Food security is an important task to nourish the rapidly growing population of the world. However, increasing food demand and declining water availability are the challenges for food security. Water scarcity is perhaps the foremost limitation for sustainable crop production, rice being the most vulnerable. During transplanting and crop establishment, the fields remain flooded with 5-10 cm of water. As much water is used for wet soil preparation for rice production and also the huge…Read More

Boron deficiency-an overshadow for paddy yield

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article image By Awais Ahmad and Muhammad Imran Azeem RICE IS one of the major staple food crops of Pakistan and presently the area under rice cultivation is almost 2.3 million hectare (M ha). It not only fulfills our domestic requirement but also a good source of foreign exchange. Our national average yield is 2.00 tons per hectare. Although we are producing good quality rice but we are lagging behind major rice producing countries like China and India, etc. in per unit area production. The underlying…Read More