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Smoking marijuana causes early puberty and stunts growth in boys

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article image Staff Report ISB: The scientists at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University (PMAS), Rawalpindi studied the levels of certain hormones involved in growth and puberty in the blood of 220 non-smoking and 217 marijuana-addicted boys. The research revealed that levels of puberty-related hormones such as testosterone and luteinising hormone (LH) were significantly high in the marijuana smokers. In contrast, growth hormone levels were decreased in this group. It was also found that non-smoking…Read More

Child labour linked to earlier puberty in boys

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Data being presented at the joint International Congress of Endocrinology/European Congress of Endocrinology started at Florence, Italy, from May 5 show for the first time that boys who are made to work at a young age undergo puberty at an earlier age than their school-attending counterparts.Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi of Pakistan Museum of Natural History/Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad, and his team from the PMAS Arid Agriculture University, RMC and NIH, studied 294…Read More