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Pakistan low in mobile broadb and infrastructure despite high usage

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has scored low in mobile broadband infrastructure despite high use by subscribers, reveals a recently conducted survey on Pakistan. "Pakistan scored 2.09 out of 10, ranking 25 out of the 26 developing telecom markets in mobile broadband connectivity," the statistics of the study sponsored by Nokia explain. For measuring the score, the study titled "Connectivity Scorecard 2013" took into account key criteria such as consumer…Read More

PTCL set to compete 3G, 4G with high speed broadb and

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Since the launch of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, wireless internet on wireless devices is all about telecom operator but the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is taking vigorous steps to change that by bringing the most advanced wireless internet option to the country very soon. PTCL is set launch a new service that will offer internet speed up to 36Mbps in a week or so. According to an official, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will…Read More

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Huawei to support high speed Wateen, Qubee 4G broadb and

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Huawei Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. has signed an agreement to supply equipment to Wateen and Qubee for upgrading their existing infrastructure to support high speed 4G broadband in Pakistan. Earlier in December 2013, the latter two companies had announced their intentions to consolidate wireless broadband operations in Pakistan. The state-of-the-art equipment provided by Huawei will significantly improve the coverage and capacities of the existing networks of…Read More

PTCL rewards broadb and users with free EVO

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STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL, country’s largest Information Communications Technology (ICT) service provider, is rewarding its broadband customers by offering EV0 3.1 dongle absolutely free. The offer adds value to PTCL family experience by providing on-the-go and back-up internet connectivity at a nominal price of Rs 500 per month. PTCL fixed and wireless broadband packages are designed to suit every customer’s lifestyle and offer perfect connectivity solutions for Internet surfing, live…Read More

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DSL broadb and base exceeds one million mark

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s DSL broadband base hit one million in April last while the total broadband base swelled to 2.62 million broadband subscribers, up from 2.55 million in March last. According to fresh statistics of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the DSL base stood at 1.03 million, up from 997,863 a month earlier. The second most popular access technology was EV-DO with 947,914 internet users versus 902,618 in the prior month, followed by Wimax with 590,936 internet…Read More

600 govt colleges to have broadb and service

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has become a regional leader in the field of information and communication technology chiefly due to the revolutionary and effective steps by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as the broad-bandwidth internet connectivity is now available in 183 institutions throughout the country. According to the future plans, this network is being expanded to over 600 colleges which are under the provincial governments."HEC has ensured that the Digital Library and Archives…Read More

PTCL unveils Smart TV PC app for broadb and DSL

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STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has introduced an amazing Smart TV PC Application service for its Broadband DSL customers. Now PTCL customers can watch 125 digital quality live channels on their PC/Laptop without any Set-Top-box.The service is free for this April and May. Subscription charges of Rs 250 per month would be applicable starting from June 1, 2013, says a PR.This service is free for existing IPTV or Smart TV Jadoo Plus Customers. Initially, Videos on Demand (VOD) are not available in Smart TV…Read More

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Broadb and scope enjoys good market space

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistani market seems to have the basic ingredients for rapid adoption of broadband internet as there is not only a huge, addressable market of over 100 million adults and nearly 30 million households that are up for the taking, but also an encouraging trend seems to be emerging where more and more people are using online means to stay connected.According to the PTA’s recently released Annual Report (2012) estimates that broadband penetration rate stood at a paltry 1.2…Read More

Reforming farm sector through broadb and

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THE BARRIERS of time and distance are easily broken down through availability of high speed internet facility to people at their doorstep allowing them to have a chance to participate in the civic and economic life that lies far beyond their territorial boundaries. Where almost all sectors are steadily reaping the benefits of this IT revolution, the farming sector especially in remote and rural areas can get developed, as it can eradicate the logistical restrictions of business models based…Read More

Faster broadb and adoption can transform Pakistan

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article image By Naveed SirajIN THE last decade, despite IT investments in the government and enterprise segments, majority of consumers in Pakistan remains deprived of affordable computers and internet access. Pakistan has one of the lowest PC and broadband penetration rates in the world.Taking into account what we pay for computing and connectivity over a 3-year period of usage, recurring cost of broadband (i.e. the monthly service charges for broadband) is more than 60 per cent. Our ownership cost as…Read More