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Citizen-Centric e-governance: Can Pakistans democracy be improved?

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article image Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have turned into the miracle medicine for curing any country from the diseases of corruption, mismanagement, poor governance, inflation, monopolies, illiteracy and so forth. ICT tools and techniques to support good governance have considerably changed with the appearance of social media, simulation techniques, opinion mining, open government data, text analytics and visualization. Today, people are more connected than ever before through…Read More

Now Emotions Can Be Read via Your Typing Style.

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article image A new computer programme can identify people's emotions based on how they type. An emotionally intelligent online system that can be helpful in changing the teaching style to easily understand a particular student’s emotional state. "This computer interface is intelligent enough to interact with humans and can detect user emotions and change its behavior accordingly. Just by typing a block of sample text. The emotions that could identify any of seven different emotional states…Read More

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E/m-learning can groom educated nation

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has over 25 million out of school children. The ones attending public and most private schools get an education devoid of developing critical thinking skills. Perhaps the time has now come to make Pakistan one of the largest experiments in e/m-learning in the world. According to a recent World Bank report on learning in South Asia, many South Asian teachers perform poorly in math and language tests based on the primary curriculum they are supposed to teach…Read More

Can Khan Academy spark edu revolution in Pakistan?

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article image Via southasiainvestor.blogspot.comTHE REVOLUTIONARY Khan Academy is a brainchild of Bangladeshi-American Salman Khan. It is growing in popularity among Pakistanis wishing to take advantage of "Free World Class Education" offered online via short 10-15 minute videos. The subjects range from math, physics, chemistry and biology to astronomy, history, economics, finance, engineering and medicine. Khan counts Microsoft founder Bill Gates among his fans and students. Gates has described Sal…Read More