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Drought causes, impact and solution

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article image Climatic changes and global warming are the major issues of 21 st century. Plants are consistently exposed to biotic and abiotic stresses. Harmful effects resultant from global climate changes possibly impart losses in crop productivity. Among abiotic stresses, drought is pondered as the single most caustic environmental stress, which not only affects the plant growth and development but also decreases the crop productivity. A continuous deficit…Read More

Causes of genetic degradation in fisheries

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Fishery is the most important economic activity in villages and towns along the coast. It is the sole source of employment and income generation. According to the latest estimates, the total area covered by fish ponds is about 60 500 ha (Sindh, 49 170 ha; Punjab, 10 500 ha; NWFP, 560 ha; and the other provinces (Balochistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir and Northern Area), 240 ha). About 13,000 fish farms have so far been established across Pakistan, varying considerably in size. The fisheries sector…Read More