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SBASSE-LUMS publishes research on low-cost solar cells

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) LUMS research team has recently published its research on cost-effective solar based cells investigating the way towards a maintainable answer for the energy crisis. Solar is albeit a standout amongst the most bottomless wellspring of clean energy at Earth yet the expense to change it into power is the principle hindrance thwarting its pervasive use in the present energy blend of our nation. The research group drove by…Read More

Dr. Naweed Syed – First Pakistani to connect Brain cells to a Silicon Chip

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article image Another Pakistani we can be proud of ... First Scientist in the World to Connect Brain Cells to a Silicon Chip With Dr. Naweed's Silicon Chip, we can send and receive messages to and from the brain. Diseases related to the brain can be cured. Feelings of a human can be incorporated inside a machine. But this does not limit itself here. As said by the great scientist, he is expecting a great number of devices in the near future which can have feelings. When asked about…Read More