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Need to develop chemicals industry

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Though the government of Pakistan has come up with the Innovative Chemical Treasures and Vision 2030 with the sole purpose to fully tap the potential of this sector, yet there exist various potent flaws in the way of achieving this high-profile goal. The history of industrial development proves that the highly industrialised countries like UK, France, Germany and US achieved their status after several centuries of continuous effort. Same is the case with newly industrialised states like…Read More

Ban on harmful textile chemicals demanded

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: A strict legislation to stop the use of restricted chemicals and dyes in Pakistan’s textile industry should be brought about in order to control environment degradation. These views were expressed at a recently held Pakistan’s global textile conference on resource efficiency. The conference was organized by the Training and Development Centers of the Bavarian Employers’ Associations (bfz gGmbH), one of the largest private providers of vocational training in…Read More