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Post-harvest management to control alflatoxin contamination of chilli

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article image Chili (Capsicum annum L.) of family Solanaceae is both a vegetable and a spice crop of significant economic value in Pakistan. Chili is an important ingredient in day to day curries, pickles and chatnies. It is very remunerative and brings good returns to the farmers. Chilies are produced seasonally but consumed throughout the year. The pods are marketed both in green and red form. There exists a great scope for its export. The pungency in chilies is due to an alkaloid capsaicin which…Read More

Eating chilli: A spicy and healthy activity

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The latest world development reports indicate that the past few decades have evidenced an increase in health gains not only in developed countries, but also in the developing countries, but the situation in Pakistan remains poor. Pakistan is one of the countries which are at the alarming stage of malnutrition and 24 per cent of the country’s population is undernourished. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has reported 37.5 million people are not receiving proper…Read More