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Yayvo & MCB Come Together to Host 1010: A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices

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PR: The internet has opened doors for all of us, to truly explore who we want to be. It’s given us the ability to experiment, explore and access things which weren’t possible before. It’s given us the ability to truly be ourselves, with the infinite lifestyle options it brings. You can now plan your complete travel […]…Read More

Critical choices for Pakistan to achieve progress

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STAFF REPORT ISB: South Asian region is in a state of flux with competing economic visions being offered for its future. For Pakistan the critical choices are mostly internal. Focus should be on good governance and economy. This was the gist of the speeches made by speakers at the concluding session of a recently concluded two-day international conference on "Pakistan’s strategic environment: Post 2014".The conference was organised by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute in…Read More