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PTCL unveils Charji EVO with high speed claim

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STAFF REPORT ISB: PTCL has claimed to have ushered a new era of technological innovation in Pakistan by introducing the next generation Charji EVO’ in Pakistan. The Technology Times a month back had published a news regarding the expected launch of this Charji EVO’ when the PTCL bosses were in the process of making its marketing strategy for this EVO. According to the company, the new service is an addition to the successful EVO family of products already serving millions of users in…Read More

UN moves to confirm Pak claim on 50,000 sq kms in Arabian Sea

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MONITORING REPORT IBD: The United Nations has agreed to constitute a sub commission to finalise the technical details confirming Pakistan’s claim over 50,000 square kilometres of Exclusive Extended Economic Zone in the Arabian Sea. "The constitution of the sub-commission by the UN Commission on Law of Seas (UNCLOS) in our case means that Pakistan has almost made the case," an official source said, adding that this really was great news, UNCLOS has recently to Pakistan. …Read More

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