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Water resources of Pakistan under current changing climatic scenario

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article image Climate is an important force in driving the agricultural productivity of a particular area either directly (by influencing the crops and livestock) or indirectly (by disturbing the water resources). In the past few decades rapid changes have been observed in the climatic conditions around the globe posing some serious threats to water resources and ultimately the agriculture, especially in the developing countries. Before we go into the depth of the topic…Read More

Green house gases triggering climatic changes

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Meteorologists and environmental experts have termed the rapid increase of greenhouse gases (Chlorofluorocarbons) as the potential cause of climatic variations and rising temperature in Islamabad. According to them, Pakistan is already among the top ten countries where unusual weather patterns were making major environment impacts and the situation might further deteriorate in the coming years if attention was not paid to issues related to climate change. "The…Read More