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International Conference on Recent Advances in Clinical Research (RACR) concludes

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article image PR:  The Department of Physiology of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Postgraduate Medical Institute Lahore (PGMI) and University of Cambridge UK organised concluding ceremony of 2-day “International Conference on Recent Advances in Clinical Research (RACR)” in UVAS City Campus Lahore. Renowned Neurologist Prof […]…Read More

Workshop report on clinical research

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article image By Team AEIRC A PRE-CONFERENCE workshop on basic tools for clinical research was held on February 1, 2013. The event was facilitated by arranged by Khurrum Zaki, CEO Dimension Research while supported by Dr Rabika Liaqaut Ali Khoja (Medical Manager Dimension Research) and Miss Faryal. The workshop discussed scope of research and development in upcoming era. Moreover role of clinical research and Pharmacovigilance in promoting health science research were also the part of the…Read More

Clinical doppler ultrasound in imaging practices

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article image "NO MEDICAL treatment can be considered until a proper diagnosis has been established". Ultrasound is one of the most basic and important medical imaging technologies yet. The past few years have witnessed a vast proliferation in the use and applications of ultrasound to diagnose circulatory disorders.Imaging possibilities of Doppler ultrasound have revolutionized radiology and imaging practices dramatically. Since, during the mid of the twentieth century new imaging techniques,…Read More

Clinical Bioinformatics: Informatics on clinical approach

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article image FROM THE last few decades computer sciences and ICT have revolutionized the field of molecular biology and bioinformatics. The exploration of gene sequence and protein structure information has led to a volatile growth in clinical practices of bioinformatics.The discipline is experiencing an increasing attention in the study of biomedical problems along with the complete human genome sequences, its analysis and understandings.Bioinformatics has a huge impact on biological research in microarray…Read More